Something I did 2 years ago, during a really rough time for me.

When I was doodling I play it perfectly, but the moment I hit record I just couldn’t.

So after a few goes I went for it, and this is what happened.

After the mistake I just stopped playing and didn’t play the piano again for 6 months.

Why am I putting it up? Because I’m seriously starting to consider giving up. Nothing is going right for me and I’m taking it as a sign that maybe I should just quit.

† xxxx

You should never give up on music. Everything else, maybe. But music… NEVER.

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This is a re-upload of the song I tried to upload yesterday. I’m using SoundCloud now which definitely works

A song composed in memory of my friends who I have lost, and for anyone else who has lost people close and dear to them.


† xxxx

Check out this blog =)

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